Foundation "Veselin Topalov" started its activities with a bright event conducted jointly with the Prosecutor college SJC

Foundation "Veselin Topalov" started its activities with a bright event conducted jointly with the Prosecutor college SJC
21 december 2016
Foundation "Veselin Topalov" started its activity in session grandmaster Veselin Topalov with magistrates from the BBC and other athletes 12.2016 21. The initiative was dedicated to the children athletes, and the message was: "More children in gyms and chess boards fewer children in courtrooms. " So the idea of ​​prevention of juvenile delinquency through the promotion of chess together SJC and the "Veselin Topalov" in a joint initiative on the eve of Christmas. At the suggestion of grandmaster and world champion Prosecutor college SJC organized a session of simultaneous game on 12 boards between him and the athletes - world and European champions, members of the SJC investigators.
         The cause supported boxer Kubrat Pulev, footballer Hristo Yovov, European vice-champion for girls 14 years old Gabriela Anton and the world champion for girls and 12 years for 2015 Nurgül Salimov. The two "golden girls" of Bulgarian chess it was a wonderful opportunity to experience the craftsmanship of the famous champion. Magistrates were presented by members of the SJC Yasen Todorov Rumen Georgiev, Costa Bogatsevki - former deputy director of the NIS and former Secretary of Interior, former and current investigators Doychin Blagoevgrad, Rumen Kirov and Svetoslav Vassilev NIS Peter Kaltchev and Lubomir Georgiev from investigation department at the Sofia city Prosecutor's Office.
        In the presence of the representative of SJC Dimitar Uzunov and Council members, sports journalists and activists, the event was opened by Mr. Yasen Todorov - a member of the prosecutor's College of SJC. In his address, he noted that the initiative is a good start joint efforts for the separation of children from the criminal environment. He recalled that the SJC held third year educational program "The judiciary - an informed choice and civic trust. Open courts and prosecutor's office "and the possibility of the" Veselin Topalov "to support it.
         Participants and guests were greeted by Mr. Topalov and Mr. Pulev who stressed the need for implementation of such initiatives aimed at promoting sport among teenagers.
         Chess session lasted more than two hours while game ended after high spirits ended at 9.5: 2.5 for Topalov. Tangible personal following results:
         Topalov - N. Salimov 1: 0
         Topalov - G. Antova 1/2: 1/2
         Topalov - R.Georgiev 1: 0
         Topalov - K. Bogatsevski 1: 0
         Topalov - Blagoev 1: 0
         Topalov - R. Kirov 1/2: 1/2
         Topalov - St. Vassilev 1: 0
         Topalov - P. Kaltchev 1: 0
         Topalov - L. Georgiev 1: 0
         Topalov - Ia Todorov 1/2: 1/2
         Topalov - K. Pulev 1: 2: 1/2
         Topalov - Hr. Yovov 1/2: 1/2
         The winner in the session received from the prosecutor's College Cup in gratitude. Photos from the event are posted on the website of the SJC in "Gallery". The noble initiative has found very wide media attention and support. In all was the desire to continue cooperation.